Q: I have just bought an Airstream. Where can I buy insurance? What coverage do I ask for?
Call the agent for your automobile insurance. Also, Foremost Insurance Company (1-800-527-3905) specializes in trailer coverage. The laws vary from state to state, but in general the liability coverage for your tow car can be extended to cover your trailer as well. It’s the fire, theft and damage on the trailer that is a separate coverage. $10,000 of coverage is about $250/year.

Q: I have finally finished restoring my trailer. I was amazed to find that my insurance company would only cover me for $2500. They say that is the standard amount for a trailer over 15 years old. Is that right?
Many companies have such a rule. If you feel that the replacement value of your trailer is say, $12,000, and you are willing to pay the added premium, ask for stated value coverage. Work with your agent. The insurance company will probably agree. It may require receipts for parts and labor accomplished. Photos will help, as will ads from Craig’s List & eBay -and even this site’s valuation tables have worked! Here in California, Progressive insurance is writing such policies, and since insurance varies from state to state, keep checking in your state until you find one. Typical policies for a $12,000 trailer is $150/year.