1954 “18 Footer” Globetrotter

Ohio | ~O-2020 to ~O-2050
California | 3101 to ~3150

First year for the long running 18 foot series of trailers made in both California & Ohio. Made in California first in October 1952 as a 17 foot version (square back) and sold as the “Clipper”, later under many names – most without a model nameplate, all the way to 1961. The early Ohio trailers in the O-2001+ serial number range were also 17′ square backs made in late 1953 and early 1954, and I classify them as 1953’s along with the California 17′ Clippers.

By sloping the back of the trailer from crown to bumper, the trailer gains a foot in length and we now call them “18 footers”.

The most common marketing model name (no name-plate yet) is the “Globetrotter”, and was a self-contained trailer with a real bathroom and shower, holding tanks, DC lights, etc. The simpler California “Wanderer” (s/n 2NNN) is still made just this year, but dropped in 1955.

Ohio on the other hand, just starting up the prior year, intermixed plain and feature loaded trailers in the same serial number string.

Only the California trailers had the “whale-tail” end cap.