1954/1955 Wanderer 18′

Ohio | O-2600 (one only)
California | 2NNN (2000 to ~2055)

2130# empty weight

OK, here’s an anomaly for you. An 18 foot trailer made in California, without a whale tail at the same time they are making other whale-tail 18 footers in the same factory??

This is s/n 2053 with a Wanderer model plate – note the yellow 1950’s California plates – indicating the last time it was registered was prior to 1963.

Original Bargman 11 taillights put this one close to 1956.

What is really unique about the Wanderer layout is the twin bed layout and no dinette or sofa – probably why so few were ever made. The similar length layouts offered by both factories were much more practical.

Note the window layout doesn’t match the Ohio flyer below. Speaking of Ohio, it appears that from production records, only one Ohio Wanderer was made – Ohio mainly pushed variants of the similar sized Globe Trotter and their other generic 18 footers.