1955 Cruiser & “Overlander” 26′

Ohio | O- 4183 to ~O- 4219 (Cruiser)
O- 7000 to O- 7144 (Cruiser “Overlander”)
O- 4600 to O -4609 (Cruiser “Romany”)

California | ~6500 to ~6600

3550# empty weight

First year the ‘Overlander’ name shows up, and is used to describe a non-customizable cheaper version of the 26′ Cruiser designed for off-road camping and travel.

The ‘Romany’ name used on a few loaded trailers is a term used to describe Gypsy’s – and was probably an Ohio marketing ploy to appeal to the romance and adventure of traveling. With only 10 sold, don’t think it worked…

Shown here is an Ohio made trailer as noted by the 13 panel rear cap instead of the 9 panel California “whale tail”