1960 Flying Cloud 22′

California | 22 T(D)SS 0NNN
D=Double-bed layout
T=Twin-bed layout
TD=Twin & Double
(same s/n’s as Safari)

In this era the T & D in the serial numbers denote the trailer bed layout. On this example, a “TD” version, there is a forward set of twins and a curbside double.

As you can see, the front beds serve as sofas, and the rear bed as a a dinette. Practical multi-functionality – until you have to make the beds up each evening and again in the morning…

What makes a California Flying Cloud instead of Safari? The usual Safari Layout has a front dinette, mid-double or twin-beds and a full bath across the back. A Flying Cloud usually gets a front sofa, or as shown here, less common front twins – yet you see some Safari’s with this same layout. Once again, model names many times mean nothing….