1964 Safari 22′

Ohio | S O(I) 22 4 1(2) 0NNN
(O=Landyacht, I prefix for Int’l options)
California | O 4 1(2) 3NNN

(1 for front sofa-bed, 2 for front dinette/bed)

The Safari’s of 1964 had the door set back further towards the center of the trailer, just before the wheelwell. The long area forward of the door allowed installation of a king-sized bed running fore & aft. The dinette table only runs a short distance of the depth though. Optionally you could get a pull-out sofa-bed,

This is the first year for the Safari to get the 5 panel end crowns (replacing the 7 panel prior versions).

Windows by the door were usually Jalousie type. The California trailers model name sloped upwards – the Ohio were level.

All Airstream models got a bench-type toilet seat arrangement in 1964.