Airstream Nameplate

The AIRSTREAM Nameplate

Nothing quite stands out on the shiny surface of a 1960’s era Airstream than the “AIRSTREAM” aluminum nameplate at the front and rear ends. Unfortunately, they lose their distinct blue highlighting when the Clear coat is stripped off. Here is how we restored ours to the original appearance. This method can also be used on the lighter blue nameplates found on the ’40s to ’50’s trailers.

An original installation (Factory Brochure)



  1. After polishing, clean the nameplate with mineral spirits and wipe dry.
  2. Mask off letters with strips of masking tape placed over the letters, and then trim where it overlaps the edge of the letters with a small X-acto knife along the raised edge of the letter. A sharp #11 blade with the tip broken off works well.
  3. Place small dots of tape over the rivets and mask the perimeter banding.
  4. Mask off 18″ around the plate with paper or newspaper.
  5. Spray two light coats of Rustoleum “Royal Blue” spray paint.
  6. Remove the masking. Note: it is a good idea to use the blue “long mask” tape if you leave the masking tape on during the day to prevent sticking to your new polish job.

Reproduction Nameplates are also available pre-colored from Vintage Trailer Supply.