Cabinets – Curbside

Interior Cabinets – Curbside Unit

Across from the galley is the large full height cabinet containing the refrigerator, heater and wardrobe.

Old Cabinets

A reminder of what the old cabinet layout was:

Installation – Curbside Cabinets, Wardrobe & Refrigerator

The other side (curbside) of the trailer gets attention now. You can see the condition of the original cabinets, but I used them to plan out my installation. Many of the original inner wall sections were crudely cut-out and made.

It is important to plan your cabinets carefully. As you can see in these originals, Airstream had to hack out the right side of the face frame for the refrigerator because they made the opening too narrow for the Krefft refrigerator, something corrected in my installation. There was also poor design for the ventilation draw up across the cooling coil for the fridge. The full-height wardrobe closet will be replaced by a half-height closet to allow a twin bed to extend underneath.

Next will show the construction of these cabinets…

In the wardrobe I reused the original closet bar. This gets covered later by a shelf for storage.

In order to make the walls, I used the original walls as a rough guide, and then using my marks on the floor and measurements from the centerline, used a scribe (compass) to mark the profile on the panels and then shaved it to final outline using a sabersaw and belt sander. 1/4″ walls were attached with bulkhead trim. 3/8″ walls with vinyl welt and aluminum brackets.

the cutout for the Day & Night Heater and the Hubbard Racing chrome fire extinguisher and nook to utilize the space in the broom closet behind the heater.

Here is the finished (sans doors) reefer cabinet with the skinny broom closet on the left and the wardrobe to the right of the reefer cavity. Storage is also above and below the reefer and space will be available on top for the Krefft refrigerator for a microwave. Much of the electrical wiring will be hidden to the side of the reefer, and above it to the right will be behind Blue Sea enclosure shrouds.

The wardrobe gets its door ann the overhead storage locker is now complete with the original coral Masonite doors, aluminum bypass trim extrusion, and metal finger pull bezels.

The overhauled appliances will be coming soon….