Curtain Sliders

Repairing Kirsch Curtain Sliders

The little T sliders are no longer available that fit the old Kirsch “C” Channel track, and the little eyelets are subject to breaking off with age. Here is a permanent and quick fix that restores the look and functionality of the sliders.

Before & During

  1. Sand off the broken eye loop so it is even (right)
  2. Using a 1/16th” cut-off wheel on a hi-speed grinder or Dremel, notch the slider to receive a 7/16th diameter x 1/6th” thick x .200″ ID Nylon Flat Washer
  3. Secure the nylon washers (any hardware store) in the slot using clear epoxy applied with a toothpick to build up the shape

Finished Sliders