1948 Trailwind 19′

California | 5001 to about 5018
(mid-year intro)

In mid 1948 Airstream came out with a new unnamed 19′ pipe-frame trailer, sponsoring a contest to name it. Guidelines were it had to be a “wind” name. The “Trailwind” was the evident winner. Shortened for the 1949 model year to 18′, the 1948 is recognizable from the later models by its extra foot between the door and the start of the front rounded end-cap section.

The cabinetry and galley stove and icebox are all original. The layout is typical of the model. On the exterior shots, note the single taillight, which was still legal in 1948.

The trailer above is in beautiful condition. The original finish of the 1940’s interior skins were almost always a mint green, called “tender green” but this example here was ordered by the buyer sans interior paint and is in a natural aluminum finish.