1949 Cruiser 24′

(introduced mid year as the “Limited”)

California | 60NN (6000 to ~6020)

(pipe-frame chassis)
2800# empty weight

Introduced in the August 1949 issue of Trailer Travel magazine as the “Limited”, this new 24′-8″ long offering from Airstream was much wider and larger than the current offerings they had at the time, the 6′-8″ wide, 6′-3″ high interior Trailwind, Liner and Whirlwinds. Even though it still sat on a pipe-frame chassis, the more boxy shaped trailer interior measured in at 7′-7″ wide and 6′-9″ tall.

In mid 1950 the Cruiser would get the newer ladder box-beam chassis frame, and the overall length would grow some due to the A-frame tongue and rear bumper, and becomes a true 25′ trailer, but the width and height shrink back to the standard 1950’s of 7′-0″ wide and 6′-5″ high.

Considered the granddaddy to the classic era Overlander, this trailer line was the most successful in sheer quantities manufactured.

Older Liner on the left, the wider “Limited” on the right

(August 1949 Trailer Travel ad)