1951 Liner 22′

California | 1NNN (about 1475 to 1484)
Pipe-Frame Chassis

2400# empty weight

Last year for the Pipe-Frame Liner – and most likely only a partial year of production.

To the left is s/n 1481. Note the unusual 15 panel front end cap – only present this year, and only on a few trailers of each the model lengths. The guess is it was an experiment to get an even more rounded appearance by starting lower with the curve.

Below is the Certificate of Origin for near the last Liner ever made and sold. The serial number (1480) is almost the highest known, and the date of sale (March 1951), puts it into the era of the new 1950 Flying Cloud. Perhaps Airstream was using up leftover materials? All in all, just shy of 500 of these 22 foot Pipe-Frame Liners were made.