1956 Bubble 16′

Ohio | O-1010 to O-1034
California | 29N & 3NN

In 1956, Bubbles were made in both the Firestone Blvd., Norwalk, CA plant, and for really one year only in the Jackson Center, Ohio plant. The California Bubble weighed 1750 lbs empty and sold for $1795, while the Ohio Bubble weighed the same but sold for $1875. The interiors were basically the same, differing in appliance and fixture manufacturers.

The California ’56 Bubble had 13 panels in the front and the unique 9 panel “Dutchman” in the back, changing over to the 7 panel front and back the following model year. The Ohio Bubble had a 13 panel front & rear. The 1956 & 1957 wheelwell cutouts also have the unique teardrop design of the California trailers of that period.

The trailers never did have “Bubble” nameplates, with the model name appearing only in literature.

Standard Layout: