1956 Cruiser & Overlander 26′

Ohio | O-7145 to O-7358 (Overlander)
O-4219 to O-4233 (Cruiser)

California | 6NNN

3550# (3850# tandem axle) empty weight

1955 had seen the introduction of the “Overlander”. The 26 foot Cruiser remained in Ohio for one more year, designed for more “over-the-road” travel, while the simpler “Overlander” was designed for off-road, roughing-it style camping. The Overlander was meant to be standard layout and not customizable.

California did not have two separate model lines or serial numbers, just the customizable “Overlander”. In 1956, the California Overlander cost $3896 new, and $3995 for the tandem axle option.

This example is an Ohio Cruiser.