1958 Bubble 16′ – International

Ohio | OI – 1100

This one of the most beautiful Airstream trailers I’ve seen. It was a one-of-a-kind trailer made in late 1957 on a beefed-up 16 foot Bubble frame (4″ box beams), but with an International option package for overseas Caravanning. The last Ohio Bubble had been completed a year earlier when OI-1100 rolled off the factory line – and is the only true 16 foot International Airstream built.

Notice the overhead Astra-Dome, the high-lift axle, water-filter, Scottish made gas/electric refrigerator, International globe plaques, and the upgraded Belgium paneling. It included such system amenities as dual 110v/12v electrical systems, 12v demand pump connected to a stainless steel water tank. A copper/bronze black water tank and marine toilet occupy the lav with a small sink and a shower. All these original features were cutting edge for the time and did not appear in other models until later that year.

Notice too that the layout differs slightly from the traditional Bubbles, with its 36″ rear bed, larger closet and different galley. In 1957 it cost $3800, twice as much as a regular Bubble. Supposedly Airstream lost money on the deal! No 18 foot or smaller International trailers were ever built after that.

This is the original finish on the trailer – it has been stored under cover for almost half a century.
Thanks to Tom Toedter & Lorin Dewee’s for sharing their trailer.