1960 18′ “18 Footer”

Ohio | 18 0 042 to 18 0 067
Caravel, Globetrotter, “No Name”, Custom

California | 18 D 0NNN
(also 18 DS 0NNN & 18 DSS 0NN)
“No Name”

Last year for the venerable 18 foot economy model, first introduced in pretty much the same form in 1953. Airstream replaces it the following year (1961) with the all new 19 foot Globetrotter in both Ohio and California.

Most often the 18 footers never had model names, but on occasion Ohio would package together some options and features and sell them under a marketing moniker, the “Caravel” and “Globetrotter”, and a buyer could always order a “Custom” version. California never did put model names on their 18 footers, but in 1958 to 1960, the name Traveler will occasionally show up on dealer price lists, so many folks call California trailers “Travelers”. All sorts of different formats for serial numbers are used by California this year.

The standard layout for the 18 foot line from day one was almost always a dinette up front, streetside galley, curbside refer and wardrobe, with California layouts having an aft streetside bathroom and an aft curbside double bed, with Ohio reversed, curbside bathroom and streetside bed.

Most of the standard 18 foot trailers never received the Hehr Clear View windows that started appearing in 1957, probably due to their ‘economical” nature. Some of the ones that seem to have had option packages did, however.

To the left is a Ohio Caravel, s/n 18 0 067