1960 Overlander 26′

Ohio | I 26 0 320 T to I 26 0 596 D
(I prefix for Int’l options)

California | 26 T(D) S(S) NNNN

T=twin-bed layout; D=double-bed

Made in both California and Ohio. Available in both twin and single axles. The 1960 trailers will have a large Wally Byam Flag & “Land Yacht” plaque forward of the door.

Toilets are still streetside in California, curbside in Ohio. In California the list price was $4875 for the Standard version, $5495 for the Landyacht options version, and $6095 for the International option version.

This example has the beautiful mahogany interior wood and still the older hex phenolic cabinet knobs. Also note the two hot water heater vents on the streetside – one for the bathroom and one for the galley. The countertops have also evolved to Formica from the older Masonite.