1968 Tradewind 24′

Ohio | O(I) 24 8 J NNN
California | O(I) 24 8 S NNN
(5NN for double-bed layout)
(I prefix for Int’l options)
‘2763’ after serial number

This is one and the same trailer – the bottom pictures are from it’s ebay offering, and the uper ones after the new owner renovated it. It took them 2 1/2 years to do, and here is a little summary:

“I was able to completely match the original wood stain color (transparent wash), as I found a section under an old mirror to copy from that had not been varnished which yellowed with age. The pocket door and oven now match the woodwork which is the original wood color. Highlights of the restore/remodel are:

  • ~85% original, except for one cabinet removal on driver side at rear to enlarge counter, removal of overhead cabinets on driver side to show off curvature of inside, replaced overhead cabinet door on passenger side with custom wood to match other cabinet doors on lower cabinets. All original cabinets and doors saved for future use if I ever sold it, so it could be brought back to 100% original.
  • New foam and custom sewn distressed leather sofa cushions
  • Denon AV300 surround sound system with subwoofer, plasma HD tv
  • All new appliances except AC which still worked (although original wood door for fridge retained so it still looks original)
  • Frame repaired in two location with new internal rear bumper bike rack
  • AGM batteries (two) moved to over wheels for better weight distribution (rear door vented)
  • New electronics (Intellivolt), carbon monoxide and fire detectors (two, one over control area, one in rear), weather station
  • All original plastic coated interior walls (not painted)
  • Has all glass, no plexi-glass windows)
  • I have all the original curved window screen’s in original pristine condition. InlandRV said they hadn’t seen those curved screens for 30 years. I guess they are more rare than the original Phillips windows. They are like a funny stamped aluminum screen, not mesh.
  • I re-foamed the bottom after the frame repairs so it’s fully insulated again.”