1970 Caravanner 25′

Ohio | O(I) 25 T(D) 0 J NNNN
California | O(I) 25 T(D) 0 S NNNN
(same as TradeWind)
(O prefix for Landyacht options, I for Int’l)
T=twin-bed layout; D=double-bed

In 1970, Airstream brought back the Caravanner name from the 1950’s, this time placing the name on a TradeWind size of trailer – with which it also shared the same serial numbers. The new Caravanner shared the original 1950’s concept though, lots of windows and a very open floor plan with no distinct sleeping area or “bedroom”, sometimes called a “salon”.

What is interesting is that the Caravanner makes a showing in the Airstream catalogs for 2 years, disappears again until 1976, and then hangs around until 1979.

Sometimes referred to at Airstream rallies as the the “party wagon”.