1976 Sovereign 31′

Ohio | L(I) 31 X 6 J NNNN
California | L(I) 31 X 6 S NNNN
(L prefix for Landyacht options, I for Int’l)
‘X’=(B=center bath double-bed; A=center bath twin; T=rear bath twin; D=rear bath

The mid seventies Sovereigns were made by the thousands, and could be configured with a center or rear bath – the rear bath models are discernable from the outside by the lack of side windows near the rear. Beds on rear bath models were usually amidships twins with a front sofa that folded out into a double, and were popular with older couples due to the more open bath.

The attraction of center bath models allowed the front sofa visitor or children to access the bath undisturbed.