1978 Overlander 27′

Ohio | L(I) 27 X 8 J NNNN
California | L(I) 27 X 8 S NNNN
(L prefix for Landyacht options, I for Int’l)
‘X’=(B=center bath double-bed; A=center bath twin; T=rear bath twin; D=rear bath double)

No, this is not a mistake nor an Argosy (well, maybe not). What it is is a California made 1978 Overlander – verified the serial number, repainted as an Argosy, even down to the Argosy script name badges. Not sure if it was done by an owner, or taken to the Argosy factory in Versailles and made into a painted Airstream. I imagine an owner got tired of the natural aluminum of his/her trailer, and phoned up Airstream, and they said ‘anything for a fee…”