1961Dye Hard Hairstream

Take a 1961 Globetrotter, cut a big hole in the side, move the door to the driver side, and you have a Hairstream and a mobile stage for the 2002 Dye Hard tour sponsored by Snapple, featuring Tish & Snooky.

Tish & Snooky and Snapple travelled all over the country this summer (2002) in the”HairStream” which was actually the MANIC PANIC/ DYE HARD BARBERSHOP. They gave away free MANIC makeovers and hair cuts* as well as lots of free samples of our new DYE HARD wash out hair color styling gel.

WE BE STYLIN’! Thanks to all you folks who showed up and got wild styled with Tish and Snooky and the MANIC PANIC DYEHARD TEAM. We loved meeting you and had so much fun! Remember: “You don’t have to LIVE hard to DYE Hard!”