Repairing a Toilet Seal

Townsend Toilet Seal

The Closet Flange Seal used on the porcelain Townsend toilet of the 1950’s/1960’s is no longer made. Over time it compresses and shrinks and allows any water left standing above the flapper valve to leak out at the base of the toilet. Below is one way to extend the life of the seal. If anyone discovers a new source for this old seal, please let us know.

The toilet is held in place with 4 stainless nuts into the closet flange bolts.
Here is the offending Neoprene seal that compressed and shrunk with age.
The closet flange bolts protrude up through the closet flange which is threaded onto a fitting on top of the black water tank.The closet flange is a stock plumbing item still available today. The first step is to apply a good bead of silicone sealant to the flange.
Put the old seal onto this. The second step is to apply a thin layer of sealant to the old seal. This is where the new seal will mate.
Here is the bottom of the toilet and a new modern Neoprene replacement seal available from any RV parts place, either online or a dealer. Put the seal seal around the flange that used to sit down into the old seal. This will fill the void from the old seal shrinkage.
Final step is to reinstall the toilet back down onto the closet flange bolts and resecure. Do not overtighten the nuts, or the toilet lip or the closet flange may crack.