Sofa Beds (Gauchos)

It seems that the front and side pull-out sofa beds often get removed for various misguided reasons over the years, and later owners wish to restore the original functionality and layout during a restoration.

Because this comes up frequently, I have made a colored assembly sketch of both a side and front installation. The actual dimensions will vary by model and year, but using the plans as a guide along with clues from your existing cabinetry, you should be able to fabricate an installation that looks and functions like original. The Walters of Wabash wood sliding supports are still available.

The plan links are at the bottom of the page.

Here you are looking at the front sofa with the plywood back folded down and the cushions removed. This back area can be used for linen storage.

Same sofa with the back rest folded up. The front of the sofa is attached to the plywood, the back to the Masonite. When pulled out they slide against each other, and, the two pieces form the bed.

The side sofa extended and with the Masonite removed showing the Walters table slides. That’s the wheelwell to the right and the tub storage to the left.

Close-up of the table slides. View is looking forward from the wheelwell housing.

There are fiberglass tubs under each sofa that serve as drawers, and can be loaded in the house and carried out to the trailer. We had to use fiberglass cloth & resin on many of ours to repair them. replacements are hard to find due to the unique size.

Plans for the Side sofa-bed

Plans for the Front sofa-bed