Vent Fans

Originally the Flying Cloud had a 110 volt fan over the stove, and a 110volt swamp cooler in the center vent hole. The renovation plan calls for replacing the stove vent fan with a 12volt motor, and the swamp cooler with a 12v Fantastic Fan.

Fantastic Fan

The old Hehr shroud is removed by drilling out all the rivets

The 50 year old sealant is seen here, not bad shape, but some others I’ve seen all dried out – and can be a source of leaks

The inside of the vent opening before the old shroud is removed

The Fantastic Fan installed

Full open. Those are the solar panel electrical studs fore & aft

Comparison to the older vents

Viewed from the ground

Plastic FF vent lid hinges forward

Finished installation using the original vent trim

I reused the original LeDuex knobs in place of the plastic knobs

I cut the shaft off the original knobs and used a set screw to secure

Finished installation, blended in by using the Zolatone

Stove Vent Fan
Coming Soon…

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