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Recommended Reading

Airstream Life covers all aspects of the Airstream lifestyle…

Get the most out of your Airstream!
Airstream Life is a new full-color quarterly magazine all about getting the most out of your Airstream and your travel time. Airstream Life brings back the romance of the road and the adventure of travel. Each issue includes profiles of interesting Airstreamers, beautiful photo essays, Airstreaming history, new innovations and technology, destinations “off the beaten path”, and tons of lifestyle tips to make Airstreaming more fun. Each issue is 64 pages, with much less advertising than other RV or travel publications. Advice and information come from people like you: active Airstreamers who want to get the most out of life. Beautiful photography and consistently great writing makes each issue something to be savored, re-read, and saved.

Departments in the Magazine:

Rivet Bits: Profiles of people and trends from the world of Airstreaming
People in the Headlights: Feature profiles on interesting people who travel, work, design, build, refurbish, or support Airstreams.
Destinations: Diverse and unusual travel stories that address the many things Airstreamers like to do.
Be My Guest: Food, wine, and hospitality ideas from our resident traveling chefs and hosts. Tips on holding parties and events from your Airstream, by people who’ve really done it.
Old Aluminum Adventures: Travel with Wally Byam in the heyday of trailer travel! Tales of Airstreaming as it used to be, complete with photos from the Airstream archives.
Airstreaming: This is the feature for Airstream owners to write in the first-person about virtually any topic of interest. Subjects can include experiences which taught a lesson, opinions on topics relevant to Airstreaming, interpersonal relationships, hobbies, etc.
Mobile Technology: The latest in gadgetry, tools and tips to make it easier and more fun to stay connected and informed on the road.
Innovations: Developments in Airstreams, written with direct access to Airstream design/build personnel. This is a “sneak-peek” feature exclusive to Airstream Life.
Ten Questions for …….. Short interviews with interesting people from the Airstream world.
Customizing: Projects and ideas to customize your Airstream for greater comfort and ease of use. Complete with photos and building tips.
Streamer Calendar: An eclectic three-month calendar of national and regional events which you can attend in your Airstream.
Last Mile: Humorous essays about Airstreaming, drawn from real-life experiences submitted by our readers.

The first and only true Airstream magazine, Airstream Life has the look of being the premier Airstream publication for those who own, plan to own, or just plain admire Airstreams, from the old to the new. This is a must subscribe-to magazine. (RJ Dial –

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Out of Print Books

Sources are going to include used book stores, auctions such as eBay, and will have many:

Reviews courtesy of Paul Farley at Pat Ewing

Fifth Avenue on Wheels by Wally Byam-1949. This book sold for $1.00 in 1949 tells how to travel by trailer comfortably, luxuriously-economically. In Wally’s own words it is knowledge gained from twenty years of trailer travel. This book tells how to do everything from picking a tow car to beds and bedding. It has the best collection of oval window, pipe frame Airstream trailer pictures in one volume.

National Geographic June 1957 Issue by Norma Miller and Ardean R. Miller III. This article titled Through Europe by Trailer Caravan has a map and 29 illustrations documenting an Airstream Caravan through Europe led by Wally Byam. Extensive pictures of Airstream travels in Europe.

Home Was Never Like This ( A Trailer’s Eye View of Europe) by Etta Payne-1957. The story of the first Wally Byam Caravan in Europe in 1956. Includes many original and interesting pictures.

Cape Town To Cairo by Lillie Douglas-1959. A thick book about 41 families who journeyed the length of the African continent in an Airstream Caravan. Excellent pictures.

Trailer Travel Here and Abroad by Wally Byam-1960. This book is an insight into the world of trailer travel according to Airstream President Wally Byam. This is an informative how to, as well as a biography of the history of Airstream caravans.

Land Yachting to Central America by Etta Payne-1960. Etta Payne describes in detail the thrilling adventures of the 1958 caravan through Mexico and Central America. This book tells of the caravan led by Wally Byam and is a wonderful account of the journey from Nogales to Costa Rica 1962 Capetown to Cairo by Lillie B. Douglas. This volume recounts the adventures of forty-one American families who traveled the length of the African continent by Airstream trailer in 1959. All the major points of interest along the route were visited during the seven month tour.

Retire to Adventure by Harrison M. Karr-1962. This is the story of how two people in there sunset years found, through trailering, more fun, more excitement and more down right enjoyable living than they’d ever experienced before in there lives! Filled with great old Airstream photos.

National Geographic Dec. 1965 “I See America First” by Lynda Bird Johnson. Diary of the President’s daughter while on an Airstream Caravan touring the country. Some nice pictures.

Thank You Marco Polo by McGregor Smith Jr.-1966. This is an adventure book, the dramatic saga of 105 people, 47 trailers and more than a year of almost constant travel. This is the story of travel to 31 countries and over 30,000 miles by Airstream trailer.

Tow Each His Own by Charles Kiefer-1968. In this book the author recalls several years of his trailer adventures, often exciting, frequently zany and always interesting. Keifer displays great insight in describing the towns and peoples he has known in his travels. Nice Airstream photos.

Life Magazine Aug. 14, 1970 5 pages of pictures about Wagon Wheel rallies featuring the 1970 International Rally in Hershey PA.

Rainbow Road by George & Jean Lokie-1976. This book is the story of their 27,000 mile, yearlong trailer trip with their teenage children in an Airstream trailer. In delightful fashion it answers every question about “how-to-do-it” for trailer owners (and dreamers) who want to enjoy the freedom, the places, and the people of the American road.

Airstream by Robert Landau & James Phillippi-1984 This is a wonderful coffee table styled book with beautiful pictures and a history of the evolution of the Airstream trailer as it is known today. It starts with Wally Byam in the early 1930s and carries us through to the 80’s. They show up on Amazon used books all the time.

My Life on Wheels by Art Rouse-1984. The now-it-can-be-told real life adventures of the former publisher of Trailer Life and Motorhome magazines. This book has a whole chapter titled “Airstream Art”.

Smithsonian Dec. 1985 Large article titled “To Airstreamer’s, a Nomad’s Life is the Good Life”.

Trailer Life July 1991 Article about old (vintage) trailers.

Smithsonian June 1998 Nine page “House Trailers” article, including an oval window Airstream.

Mexican Caravan by John MacDonald-1999. This book tells the story of an Airstream caravan through Mexico in 1972. A very informative how-to guide that reads as a travelogue. Nice pictures and excellent narrative are the highlights of this book.

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Non-Airstream Vintage Trailering

Titles of interest relating to early vintage travel trailers.

The Motor Camping Book by Elon Jessup-1921. A very early book about traveling & camping with lots of illustrations and pictures. A real find if can locate one!

Trailer Ahoy! by Charles Edgar Nash-1937. A comprehensive book on the automobile house trailer. Many traveling pictures of the country as well as of old trailers, including several of W.C. Fields in his own personal unit.

Touring with Tent and Trailer by Kimball & Decker-1937. An in-depth book covering the early days of camping & trailering complete with lots of neat pictures.

Panamexico! by Carveth Wells-1937. An interesting book loaded with pictures & history of the mid-30’s traveling in Central America. Highly recommended for those interested in traveling to that area.

Mobile Homes and Travel Trailers by Griffith & Lillian Borgeson-1959. An Arco how to book.) A very highly recommended book loaded with pictures of travel trailers & mobile homes of that era. Includes several Airstream photos.

Wheel Estate by Allan D. Wallis-1991. “The rise & decline of mobile homes.” An interesting book with many pictures including a 1947 Liberty two story telescoping house trailer and of Stout’s folding house trailer built by the Palace Corp. A most interesting book.

Galloping Bungalows by David Thornburg-1991.”The rise & demise of the American house trailer.” Many interesting pictures and text about the history of trailers.