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1948 Liner 22′ #1166

s/n 1166

1948 Liner 22′ #1102

s/n 1102 with a new interior in a ground up renovation.

1948 Liner 22′ #1207

Serial # 1207

1948 Liner 22′ #1198

Totally custom renovation of serial # 1198 by New Jersey RV – basically a ground-up rebuild including a special designed frame & chassis. It’s sorta like the old adage of removing the nameplate, and sliding a new trailer underneath it and reinstalling the nameplate…

1948 Liner 22′ #1139

Serial # 1139

1948 Liner 22′

The first image is a “Globetrotter” interior layout – and had a bathroom.

1948 Liner 22′

1948 Liner 22′

This Liner had openable windows installed in the ends at the customer’s request in 1948. Story goes the lady buyer wanted more fresh air and was claustrophobic.

1948 Liner 22′

1947 to 1951 trailers did not have turn signals as standard, but were offered as an option as more and more states started requiring them. The standard offering was the S&M Lamp Co. light shown to the right which mounted on a sheetmetal bracket. Another model was the “Nite-Owl”, which mounted flush to the skin. Many owners added left and right lights over the years as states started mandating them.

1948 Liner 22′

The Liners were available in 7 different standard option layouts: Southwind, Breeze, Chinook, Tradewind, Westwind, Zephyr & Sea Breeze. This shows typical birch cabinetry, overhead cabinets with original birch doors, the stainless steel galley assembly and ice-box, and the standard dinette.