1948 Liner 22′

California | 1NNN (about 1090 to 1280)
Pipe-Frame Chassis
Model 481N (“N” is the month manufactured)

Production moved from the Van Nuys airport to the factory at 1755 No. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA by early 1948.

Airstream Trailers, Inc. was formally incorporated in California on November 1, 1948. When the corporation was formed, it bought Wally’s manufacturing company assets for stock and cash, and also acquired McFaul Brothers exclusive distributorship rights (for stock & cash). The five initial directors of the new corporation were Wallace M. Byam, William W. Lampkin, Daniel W. Gage, Arthur R. Costello (who became President), and Claude McFaul, whose “McFaul Bros Trailer Sales” was responsible for retailing Airstream trailers at his sales lot.

The progression in design of the s/n plate is an interesting one. Starting in 1947 with a plate like below, it had changed to an all brass oval plate by 1200, and eventually to an aluminum oval plate later in 1949. The placing of a model number on the plate was dropped with the introduction of the brass plate.

By s/n 1123, made in February 1948, Wally’s move had been completed to the 1755 North Main St. plant from the LA Metro Airport facility.