1957 “18 Footer” 18′

(Wanderer, Globe Trotter & no-names)

Ohio | O-2066 to O-2199

Found with Globetrotter, Wanderer and no nameplates. One way to recognize the Ohio 1957 from the Ohio 1958 from the California 1957/1958 is the wheelwells. The Ohio ’57 has square cutouts, the ’58 has peaked, and the California has the teardrop shaped. California trailers will also still have the whale-tail end caps for the most part. 1958 will also be the first year for the Bargman 99 “Wedding-Cake” taillights, replacing the recessed Bargman 9’s that are still standard in here in 1957. This is also the last year for the 13 end crown panels (some late 1957 models were made with 7 panels).