1958 “18 Footer” -CA (Traveler)

California | ~4050+, 184NNN and 18D4NNN late in year

2100# empty weight

Sometimes called the Traveler, it is a continuation of the 18 foot trailer that both plants had been producing since 1954. The California trailer is discernible from the Ohio trailers by the teardrop shaped wheelwell cutouts. The name Traveler never appears on a trailer nameplate, but is the name given to the California 18 footers in some brochures and price lists from 1958 to 1961.

Last year for the multi-part stamped Hehr windows, replaced in 1959 with the Hehr Clear-View style. Also last full year for the Bargman #9 taillights, as the the Bargman 99 Wedding Cake lights get phased in. The longer models beat the little Traveler in these last two, as the 18 footer was considered Airstream’s economy model.

This is the first full year of 7 panel end caps, replacing the older 13 panels. Interiors were still the lacquer finished Birch cabinets of the 40’s & 50’s.

Click here to see the Ohio version of the 18 footer