1958 18 Footer – OH

Ohio | O- 2200 to O- 2248
California | 4000+

In most catalogs and brochures, these 18′ trailers are referred to as “18 footers” and some Ohio brochures refer to the model Caravel and some show up with Wanderer and Globetrotter names – even with the same features and layout. But interesting enough, very few had a model nameplate.

1958 California 18 foot trailers are recognizable from Ohio 18 footers by the unique teardrop shaped wheelwell cutouts found on all 1958 California Trailers. Last year for the “Standard” Hehr windows, this is also the first full year for trailers with 7 end crown panels. Last full year for the smaller recessed Bargman 9 taillights, as the the “Wedding Cake” Bargman 99’s would be phased in.

It is possible to tell the layout of the bed from the outside by noting the position of the exterior access door to the storage compartment, usually found under the bed. A door in the back. means a bed across the back, a door on the side indicates a bed along the side.

This example shows just one of the many possible layouts, probably ordered by someone who liked the 1955-1957 16′ Bubble layout with its front bathroom and dinette, but wanted a little more galley and storage room.

One unique thing about Ohio trailers is that they predominately had the toilet on the curbside, while California trailers had them on the streetside. Brochures seem to confirm this. Above is the more typical Caravel style layout.

^ 1958 only one piece long drip cap

^ Unique triple Jalousie set of windows in the door

^ Matching magazine rack

^ The 1958 only fiberglass ceiling light lens

Princess range (curbside)

Bargman cast handle

Here is a California 18 footer for comparison (notice the tear drop wheel well and Bargman 99’s?

California also introduced the Clearview front and back Hehr windows one year earlier than Ohio

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