“The Polish” This is the topic that seems to gather the most interest. On these next seven pages we have attempted to cover in detail the trials and tribulations of what it takes to polish an Airstream. “The Polish” was the final step in the 9 month restoration of the Caravel. We saved it for read more »

Window Repair-1961-1965


Window Repairs Part 1 – The Window Frame The repairs shown here are for the Hehr Hall-Mark 12 (C12XX) windows used from 1961 to 1965. They were a square aluminum framed window with cranks (openers) on the sides. To remove the window, remove the two screws attaching the opener (from inside the trailer), crank open read more »

Removing a Single Hinge Door


Removing a Cast Hinge Door The single hinge fitting type doors found on 1965+ trailer were a great improvement over the strap type hinges that preceded, and rarely need servicing or maintenance. But what if you need to remove the door itself to work on it or the screen door? It is not readily apparent read more »

Dent Removal


Dents can be categorized into 4 types: large shallow dents large deep dents creases & scrapes small dents from bumps and hail damage Shallow dents can be pulled out using body shop suction cups (see supplier section for tools). Large dents, creases & scraps usually require skin panel or segment replacement. Airstream dealers actually replace read more »