Interior Cabinets


The cabinetry is when you realize that the expensive part of the renovation is just beginning, as it is within the walls and cabinets that the systems, appliances and finish materials will be installed. We kept all the removed cabinets, but it became evident that the quality, condition and surprisingly shoddy original construction just wasn’t read more »

Linoleum Flooring


The big changes continue. With the paint completed, the next step is the flooring so the cabinets and systems can go in next. The original flooring was sheet Linoleum. Lino was chosen back then for its durability and ease to clean, and is the same reason we chose that material again. Today’s Linoleum is made read more »



Painting the Interior Skin Now it all starts coming together. All the hard and dirty work is behind, and the trailer starts coming together into its final form quickly. The original Zolatone finish, while durable and nicely neutral looking, hadn’t survived the many years of neglect, damage and wear from the existing cabinets and appliances. read more »

Compartment Doors


Installing New Access Doors Exterior compartment access doors were optional on Airstreams based upon buyers selection of refrigerators, storage preference and the era. Our 1956 Flying Cloud had only one small exterior door for the refrigerator, but we wanted one under the curbside bed for the spare tire and other items needed for the outside read more »

Replacing the Belly Skin


Out of sight, the belly skin turned out to be unsalvable, too. When the trailer was purchased in 1956, the dealer offered protective undercoating – which was popular for car undercarriages in those days. Over the years, moisture entered at the seams and and any damaged skin and got between the under seal and the read more »

Curtain Sliders


Repairing Kirsch Curtain Sliders The little T sliders are no longer available that fit the old Kirsch “C” Channel track, and the little eyelets are subject to breaking off with age. Here is a permanent and quick fix that restores the look and functionality of the sliders. Before & During Sand off the broken eye read more »