Brass Thetford Dump Valves


Thetford Brass Dump Valve Courtesy of Colin Hyde from GSM Vehicles, here is how to replace the old dump valve assembly that was found on ~1959 – ~1964 Airstreams. This valve frequently leaks, and the old style sewer hose fittings aren’t available anymore. Remove the old valve assembly completely right back to the brass casting read more »

Hehr Roof Vents


One of the things that frustrates Airstream owners is the condition of their aluminum vent lids and lifters made by Hehr(1951-1965). Some opt to put in Fantastic Fans, freeing up parts to repair the remaining vents. I was lucky enough to collect enough parts over a 3 year period to restore to original condition our read more »

Panel-Ray Heaters


The tall cylindrical Panel Ray heaters were produced in the late 1940’s to late 1950’s by the Day & Night Corporation and its licensee Marsh Corp, and was used by the manufactures of all trailer types. I picked up 5 of these over the years, and restored them for resale. While I don’t do this read more »

Bowen Hot Water Heater Covers


Hot Water Heater Covers Some 1950’s-1960’s trailers have had their Bowen hot water heater covers removed in past HW heater replacements, and the installer failed to reuse the Bowen cover, installing the modern flimsy painted cover instead. To help restorers fabricate, or have sheet metal shop fabricate one for them, I’ve started collecting a series read more »

Vaillant Water Heaters


In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, Airstream offered as an option an on-demand water heater made in West Germany, the Vaillant. It was also very popular as an aftermarket heater for those trailers that did not initially come with water heaters, such as the small 16-18 foot trailers, and in many cases was hung read more »

Water Tanks


The original potable water system consisted of a small (12 gallon) aluminum water tank under the front window and copper tubing over to a hand operated siphon pump by the sink. Since this trailer is meant to be self-contained, a much bigger system was needed, and tanks were placed up front under the new dinette, read more »



Since the original plumbing was plugged and corroded copper lines with only a huge 110v only water heater, I went with a new tankless heater and all new PEX water lines. The water supply consisted of a hose connection to the copper water lines, and an independent small galvanized tin water tank and pump-prime counter read more »

Vent Fans


Originally the Flying Cloud had a 110 volt fan over the stove, and a 110volt swamp cooler in the center vent hole. The renovation plan calls for replacing the stove vent fan with a 12volt motor, and the swamp cooler with a 12v Fantastic Fan. Fantastic Fan The old Hehr shroud is removed by drilling read more »

Waste Tanks


Installing New Holding Tanks 1956 trailers did not have any gray water holding tanks, and usually just a small 7 gal flat bottomed galvanized black water tank, which was found in our trailer to be in its usual state of a rusted out mess. Going in are 32 gal worth of ABS gray water tanks, read more »

New Refrigerator Vent


Installing a New Refrigerator Vent A frequent 1960’s vintage repair is the replacement of the original plastic refrigerator roof vent. The 24″ plastic vent did not weather well due to UV and obstacle damage. Ours had been replaced some time in the past with an ill fitting replacement. There is a 28″ aluminum replacement cover read more »