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Cabinets – Dinette


Interior Cabinets – Dinette There are some dinettes in RV’s that are enjoyable to sit in, and others where you just can’t get comfortable. A lot of it has to do with the dimensions. Ideally they should be: Height to cushion top = 18″ Height to table top = 30″ Table width = 32″ Table read more »

Cabinets – Streetside


Interior Cabinets – Streetside Galley Since the bath was enlarged fore and aft, the galley had to accomplish its purpose in a smaller footprint. There was also the requirement to include a water heater and more countertop space. The water heater was addressed by installing a Bosch on-demand system in the back of the deep read more »

Cabinets – Bath


Interior Cabinets – Bathroom The work began with the most complex section, back in the bathroom that must surround all the plumbing and inlets down into the black and gray water tanks. Old Cabinets A reminder of what the old bath layout was:

Interior Cabinets


The cabinetry is when you realize that the expensive part of the renovation is just beginning, as it is within the walls and cabinets that the systems, appliances and finish materials will be installed. We kept all the removed cabinets, but it became evident that the quality, condition and surprisingly shoddy original construction just wasn’t read more »

Water Tanks


The original potable water system consisted of a small (12 gallon) aluminum water tank under the front window and copper tubing over to a hand operated siphon pump by the sink. Since this trailer is meant to be self-contained, a much bigger system was needed, and tanks were placed up front under the new dinette, read more »



Since the original plumbing was plugged and corroded copper lines with only a huge 110v only water heater, I went with a new tankless heater and all new PEX water lines. The water supply consisted of a hose connection to the copper water lines, and an independent small galvanized tin water tank and pump-prime counter read more »

Linoleum Flooring


The big changes continue. With the paint completed, the next step is the flooring so the cabinets and systems can go in next. The original flooring was sheet Linoleum. Lino was chosen back then for its durability and ease to clean, and is the same reason we chose that material again. Today’s Linoleum is made read more »



Painting the Interior Skin Now it all starts coming together. All the hard and dirty work is behind, and the trailer starts coming together into its final form quickly. The original Zolatone finish, while durable and nicely neutral looking, hadn’t survived the many years of neglect, damage and wear from the existing cabinets and appliances. read more »

Vent Fans


Originally the Flying Cloud had a 110 volt fan over the stove, and a 110volt swamp cooler in the center vent hole. The renovation plan calls for replacing the stove vent fan with a 12volt motor, and the swamp cooler with a 12v Fantastic Fan. Fantastic Fan The old Hehr shroud is removed by drilling read more »

Electrical Wiring


Mid to late 1950’s Airstreams came with just a basic 110v system until 1958 – no 12 volts wiring except for a single overhead light connected to the tow vehicle battery. This 110v system was unsafe after 50 years from typical corrosion and shorting to sharp edges on the the aluminum skin and frame. The read more »