Refrigerator Replacement & Repair


Installing a New Refrigerator Refrigerators are durable appliances if the burner orifice and chimney are kept clean and free of misguided “adjusting”. With no moving parts, they can last forever if maintained. But even then, there are times that they need to be replaced. In the case of our original M16 Dometic, it had been read more »

Sofa Beds (Gauchos)


It seems that the front and side pull-out sofa beds often get removed for various misguided reasons over the years, and later owners wish to restore the original functionality and layout during a restoration. Because this comes up frequently, I have made a colored assembly sketch of both a side and front installation. The actual read more »



Boring stuff, but important. Early on I thought the existing insulation could be saved, but for the most part ended up getting replaced. The stuff below the floor got replaced of course with the new floor, but the insulation between the walls had it own issues too. There were two kinds, some sort of white read more »

Panel-Ray Heaters


The tall cylindrical Panel Ray heaters were produced in the late 1940’s to late 1950’s by the Day & Night Corporation and its licensee Marsh Corp, and was used by the manufactures of all trailer types. I picked up 5 of these over the years, and restored them for resale. While I don’t do this read more »



Airstream Bunkbeds A popular option on Airstreams in the late 1960’s and 1970’s were bunkbeds capable of holding light weight humans (children). Prior to this stowaway option, bunkbeds were heavy wooden affairs that stayed in place, or tilted up and hooked to the ceilings. Many of these early trailers also had small over under windows read more »

Cabinets – Bed


Interior Cabinets – Twin Bed Having camped for many years, you learn what is practical and what is folly. There is a reason why the majority of Airstreams sold from the 1940’s to the 1970’s, and even today, were of the twin bed configuration. It is not because Airstreamer’s don’t like their spouses, it is read more »

Cabinets – Curbside


Interior Cabinets – Curbside Unit Across from the galley is the large full height cabinet containing the refrigerator, heater and wardrobe. Old Cabinets A reminder of what the old cabinet layout was: Installation – Curbside Cabinets, Wardrobe & Refrigerator The other side (curbside) of the trailer gets attention now. You can see the condition of read more »

Cabinets – Dinette


Interior Cabinets – Dinette There are some dinettes in RV’s that are enjoyable to sit in, and others where you just can’t get comfortable. A lot of it has to do with the dimensions. Ideally they should be: Height to cushion top = 18″ Height to table top = 30″ Table width = 32″ Table read more »

Cabinets – Streetside


Interior Cabinets – Streetside Galley Since the bath was enlarged fore and aft, the galley had to accomplish its purpose in a smaller footprint. There was also the requirement to include a water heater and more countertop space. The water heater was addressed by installing a Bosch on-demand system in the back of the deep read more »

Cabinets – Bath


Interior Cabinets – Bathroom The work began with the most complex section, back in the bathroom that must surround all the plumbing and inlets down into the black and gray water tanks. Old Cabinets A reminder of what the old bath layout was: