1956 Flying Cloud Restoration Index

As we go through the restoration, we will show before and after images of the work. This may lag actual progress on the trailer by many months, as writing about it is more difficult in ways than actually doing the work.


Providing Continuous charging capability for long-Term boondocking

Cabinets- Bed

Twin Beds in a “L” Configuration rounds it out

Cabinets – Curbside

The refrigerator cabinet and Wardrobe

Cabinets – Dinette

Building a comfortable and practical dinette

Cabinets – Galley

Continuing along the streetside wall

Cabinets – Bath

Starting with the hardest ones


All new birch cabinets are made and installed using the originals as inspiration

Water Tanks & Pump

2 new Potable water tanks, demand pump, accumulator,and level Indication.


PEX Water Lines, ABS Drain & Vent lines, a demand hot water heater and all new fixtures.

Linoleum Flooring

The Linoleum flooring is installed

Zolatone Interior Finish

Applying the Durable Color finish to the interior skins, as the trailer starts going back together

Ventilation Fans

Replacing the Swamp Cooler with a Fantastic fan and updating the Stove vent fan.

Electrical Wiring

50 year old wiring is not a good thing. plus We add a 12volt system and provisions for solar power.


Replacing the old Shell insulation, including using space age reflectix foil barrier .

Access Doors

Fabricating new exterior access doors that resemble the originals.


A modern update to a major convenience feature, but in keeping with the quality and design of the Airstream.

New Holding Tanks

Hidden, but State of the art Holding tanks go in under the floor.

New Belly Skin

Replacing the floor uncovered the damage that existed in the lower belly skin panels. Here’s how I repaired and replaced the skin panels.

Replacing the Floor

The messiest part of the job, but the most important. after this comes the fun stuff.

Restoring the Door

What starts out to be simple repair to replace the seals turns into a big job; includes “the door within a door”.

Rebuilding the Windows

Restoring the windows to weathertight and operable condition.

Hehr Roof Vents

Rebuilding the roof vents using salvaged and repaired parts.

Tongue Jack

We replaced the broken Atwood Jack with a new one – and salvaged the heavy duty stamped handle from the old one.

Exterior Trailer Lights

Salvaging and rebuilding the Bargman marker lights and taillights.

Replacing the Axle/Brakes/Shocks/Wheels & Tires

After initially rebuilding the axle and the HADCO backing plates to accept Dexter brakes, 3 years later I did what I should have done initially, replace the whole axle and rebuilt the leaf springs.

Progress is being Made!

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